failure in life

Why do we fail?

failure in life

Reasons of failure in Life? What is the obstacle thing to achieve success. Here is a moral story,

Once, a man was walking through an elephant camp. And the most amazing thing in the man’s eyes is that the elephants are all tied together with a small rope instead of a chain.

Seeing this, the man wondered, why with such a small rope tied together, the elephants did not break loose and escape.

The curious man asked the elephant’s tutor, “Why don’t you just tear it with such a small rope and break it down?” And the Pharisee said, “These elephants have been using this little rope ever since they were infants. Even when the elephants are grown, it is believed that the rope cannot break. So it doesn’t try to do it ”

The elephants hold a belief in their mind that it cannot break the rope.
Most of people like this, When we were infants, the world say,” you cant do nothing”, and even we grow older, that belief will not change. This is the main reason of failure in life. So, replace that negative believes to positive that “I can do it, I can achieve success”, this positive belief results in success.

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