15 Awesome YouTube Channel Ideas That Don’t Require You to Show Your Face

 Youtube Video Ideas that not show your face. If you are embarrassed about the camera, you are not alone. Fear of being on camera is an adopted child of the most common fear in the world, the fear of speaking in public. 75% of the world share this same fear.

When it comes to your fear of being on camera, you can go two ways.

Overcome it or avoid it. There is no wrong choice.

Having a YouTube channel should be fun and comfortable. If going to the camera makes that impossible for you, we can work around.

Fortunately, some of the world’s most successful YouTube users do not show their faces and you do not have to show their faces.

Here are 15 youtube channel ideas that you can run with WITHOUT ever showing your face if you don’t want. 

1. Use Presentation Slides

You can really use presentation slides created with Microsoft Powerpoint or Keynote and use them to create voice over videos. You can also create slides with Google Slides and later use them to create videos.

These are actually ideal to create explanatory videos.

With simple animation and designs you can create great looking videos on YouTube.

PowerPoint has the feature of recording your slideshow and recording narrative slideshow and finally sending it as a video.

If you don’t want to show off your face and make videos on YouTube Presentation style videos can be a great way to start.

This YouTube channel uses presentation slides to create videos and has over 100K + subscribers.

2. Create Whiteboard Animations

This is one of my favorite ideas to start YouTube channel without showing face.

You can create amazing whiteboard animation videos with software like VideoScribe or Doodly and can get started after watching some tutorials online.

These types of videos are ideal if you are creating explanation or informational videos.

Whiteboard animations are also a great way to create marketing videos for your business and also educational content.

3. Screen Recording Videos

You must have seen a YouTube tutorial where creators show you how to do certain things online by recording their computer or mobile screen.

You can also create such screen recording videos and start a YouTube channel.

There are many screen recording softwares available online.

Camtasia is a premium software for creating screen recording videos. If you do not want to pay, there are many free screen recording software available.

4. Create Animation Videos

Another great idea for creating videos without showing your face would be to create animated videos.

If you are good at creating animated videos, you can create your own or hire someone from Fiverr or Freelancer to do the work for you.

Don’t want to pay for creating animated videos? Well, Angry Prash (Indian YouTuber) started the YouTube channel with a photo he created with MS paint and now has 2 million subscribers

5. Product Reviews and DIY videos

And unboxing products are another great way to create flawless videos. You just have to show your hands to get the product out of its box and show what else goes inside the box.

Make your own (DIY) another niche for creating beautiful face-to-face videos on YouTube. 5 minutes handmade creates DIY related videos and lifehacks and has over 54+ million subscribers.

6. Gaming Channel Or Create Videos With Game-play videos

Games are one of the most successful sites on YouTube.

Many successful YouTube users started with game streaming and video games. Pewdipie started out as a gamer and is an individual on YouTube with a large number of subscribers.

If you do not want to start a play channel, you can use your play videos to make voice videos in other places.

You can create roasted videos or YouTube news or update the channel using your play videos. Just show your game records on the screen and use background stories about your niche. This is a great way to engage your audience.

In case you do not play games and want to use video games, you can get free to play video games from YouTube for free.

7. Podcasts

The main content in Podcasts has its own sound so you can create podcasts if you do not want to show your face in YouTube videos.

Start a podcast channel on any topic you like. You can use the still image and record all the audio and send it to YouTube.

Alternatively you can use moving pictures or infographics for your podcasts.

8. Stock Footage

If you want to create amazing videos without showing your face, consider using the stock videos available online.

You can use the free stock photos available on various websites like Unsplash and free stock videos from sites like Pixabay and Pexels.

Insert voice over on the images and stock videos and with proper editing you can create professional faceless YouTube videos.

9. Music Videos

If you are creating original music and want to upload it to your channel you can do so without exposing your face.

Just show your hands playing the guitar or use the cover of your album and play the song in the background.

Alternatively you can create a voice video for your song and send it to your channel.

10. Cooking Videos without showing face

If you want to start a cooking channel on YouTube, you can create videos without showing your face.

Show off your ingredients and immerse your camera in the electric or oven and show your audience mixing and moving things with your hand you can create amazing cooking videos without showing your face.

There is a Nepali food channel, Yummy Food World with over 450K + subscribers and they have never shown their faces in their videos.

11. Travel Videos

Travel is one of the most popular sections on YouTube. If you like to travel you can create travel videos even without showing your face.

Choose your camera, take great photos of the places you visit and create great video. You can also install a drone gun if you want.

12. Educational Videos

If you enjoy teaching others and want to create teaching videos, you can do so without showing your face.

You can use slideshow and voiceover or also create animated videos to teach through YouTube.

13. Restoration

Do you work in the workplace? Another popular niche on YouTube recovery videos. These types of videos record the process of fixing old, tired and worn out items. Some people get medical treatment, probably a thoughtful practice and have become very popular.

As well as recording equipment, you will need tools and equipment to restore items. One of the most popular channels in this niche is Black Beard Projects. It restores durable knives and tools to its former glory and has over 1.6 million subscribers.

14. Meditation

One of the most popular niche in YouTube is meditation videos. In today’s busy, hectic world, it is all too easy to get so caught up in the rush of life that we forget what matters most.

Meditation videos come in several different formats. Some have a voice that directs mediation, while others have only cool music. Additionally, there are those who only have the sound of a bell marking the beginning and end of the meditation period!

15-Nail Art

The beauty of this is the popularity of YouTube – there are plenty of Youtuber users who make a living by making makeup tips. If you are not ready to show off your face, how about starting a Nail Art Channel?

Simply Nailogical is a channel that started with a low budget for how to make nail art videos. A channel featuring a mix of photos, still videos, and simple captions, it has grown to more than 7.6 million subscribers.

When you show others how to do something, you also have other ways to earn money. Add managed links to the video description of the products you used and make extra money.

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